March 16 2013

Red Carpet Affair a Success

If the speed by which an evening flies by is any sign of its success, the Canadian Paraplegic Association put on a masterful Red Carpet Affair Gala on March 15th at the new Northlands Expo Centre.

Well organized by Angie Barron and her team, the evening zoomed by, and considering there was a major boat show and an Oilers game going on at the same time that is an accomplishment. Host, Josh Classen did an excellent job, in spite of the manic auctioneering performance by Mark Scholtz, who was hilarious himself. There is a reason these guys are TV/Radio personalities – they are good.

The evenings honouree, Kent Hehr, also won an award and gave a rousing, self-deprecating speech that had the crowd laughing, and at points ready to cry. His speech asked many times if he was deserving – and the easy answer is absolutely. An incomplete Quad since the early 1990’s due to a random drive by shooting, he survived the inevitable grieving process, became a successful lawyer, a liberal MLA, and a role model for all Albertans, not just those with disabilities.

Congratulations CPA! We hope the evening was as successful financially as it was fun to attend.