April 17 2013

Newtown massacre doesn’t sway US Senate

And now for something completely different. People with guns kill people. So why is it so difficult for the required 60 Senators in the US to vote in favour of sensible gun reform. This is the difference between the US and Canada.

Liberals and conservatives in Canada are really not much different from each other. They both govern from the middle no matter what their election rhetoric is. In the US partisan politics has gotten so bad, it is surprising any legislation gets passed.

What would appear a slam dunk after Newtown (background checks on potential gun owners) failed to pass (54-46) in the US senate. Background checks…you would think that people, including munitions vendors, would want to keep guns out of the hands of …say … Criminals and the mentally ill, and any number of others. But they don’t care, and they have the Republicans in their pocket. Or is it that the republicans can’t agree because any agreement sends the wrong message.

Either way it is really too bad. It is sad that a big section of US voters are so paranoid of government intervention that they won’t support common sense gun laws.

President Obama gave a powerful speech on April 17 showing large amounts of righteous indignation over the failure of Congress to pass the law. Let’s hope common sense prevails.