May 23 2013

Diminished Value of Vehicles after accidents

Have you been in an accident and had you new vehicle damaged.  It may get fixed, but is it as valuable if you try to sell it?   We don’t handle diminished value claims on their own unless there is a serious injury involved but read what Donna van Lier-Grieve has to say on the subject:

As an entrepreneur, I have made it my life’s journey to advocate for the consumer. I have spent what seems like a lifetime in the real estate and mortgage industries and through business models that I have conceived and brought to fruition, have been able to add value to the transaction and save the consumer many thousands of hard earned dollars. Recently I have retired from the Real Estate and Mortgage world to again advocate for the consumer in a field that is relatively unknown in Canada. Vehicle Diminished Value or Accelerated Depreciation, incurred through a collision, is a loss that until now, victims of vehicle accidents have had to endure. They are being told by insurance companies that Diminished Value does not exist or that Insurance companies do not pay diminished value and that the loss of thousands to tens of thousands of dollars due to their vehicle being worth less after an accident/repair is one of the costs of being a driver. NOT TRUE; and until we take a stand and know our rights regarding Diminished Value, the insurance companies will continue to win this battle. If you have been in a collision and your vehicle has lost market value after the repair, this loss of market value can be quantified and is collectible by law, from the at-fault driver and under the SPF 1 Standard Automobile Policy Alberta, the insurance company will pay any judgments rendered against their policy holders in this capacity. This loss falls under TORT LAW and is not a matter for the insurance company to decide. This is the reason that Diminished Value is the BEST KEPT SECRET in the INSURANCE INDUSTRY. Visit our website at or join our Linked In Group – Diminished Value of Alberta. Contact me for additional information. 1-855-830-6310.

If you have an issue with diminished value of your vehicle after an accident, and you do not have serious injuries, give Donna a call.  If you are injured, any of our Personal Injury lawyers can help you with your entire claim!