November 27 2013

Winter Driving in Northern Alberta

As the holidays approach, we wish everyone a safe winter season.  Driving in Northern Alberta can be dangerous in the winter.  Each year it seems like drivers have forgotten how to drive in the ice and snow, so drive defensively and do not trust that other drivers will do the right thing.

What can you do to stay safe? Here are our top 5 list:

1) Slow Down  –  Speed is the biggest contributor to winter accidents.  Stopping distances are much greater in the winter.

2) Use Winter Tires – Winter Tires can make a big difference.  They don’t make up for too much speed, but coupled with safe speeds they may stop accidents from happening.

3) Give yourself more TIME – a 20 minute drive in the summer can easily become 30 or more in the winter.  Give yourself lots of time to get where you are going.

4) Have a winter safety kit – your winter safety kit (available at many retailers and the AMA), should include a blanket, shovel, candles and matches.

5) Keep your vehicle maintained – winter is much harder on vehicles than summer and being stuck on the side of the road due to vehicle breakdown is much worse in the winter.  Keep your vehicle maintained so that you don’t end up stuck on the side of the road.

Safe travels everyone!