January 13 2015

What is personal injury?

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Author: CAM LLP

You may have already heard of a personal injury lawyer before, perhaps from a friend or advertisement, but you may not be entirely familiar as to what is considered a personal injury.

At Cummings Andrews Mackay LLP, a personal injury is described as an injury to a person’s body and health, rather than property or reputation, that causes impairment both physically and emotionally, as well as the financial burdens that ensue from a traumatic accident.

A physical injury involves one or more of the following: disability, disfigurement, suffering, pain, wrongful death/fatal accident, or other life altering injuries that diminish a person’s quality of life.

Some examples of injuries that are considered personal injuries include: spinal cord injury, brain injury, wrongful death/fatal accident, fracture injury, neck, back and other injuries to the human anatomy.

When someone experiences a personal injury due to negligence that a person often suffers emotionally as well as physically. The shock or post-traumatic distress surrounding the event of an injury can often make it more difficult for a person to heal and overcome the events of an accident, and therefore those emotions are also considered a personal injury.

Medical assistance and wage-loss are just some of the many financial stressors that may significantly burden a person if he or she is injured in an accident; all of which can lead to irreparable damage that can impact a person’s ability to recover as quickly and easily as possible.

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