July 27 2015

Edmonton Gets First Canadian Stroke Ambulance

Last month – Brain Awareness Month – we talked about some of the extraordinary advancements in the field of brain injury and neuroscience, and today we are thrilled to include a brain care advancement from our own great city: The Edmonton Stroke Ambulance.

It’s incredible to say that Edmonton is the first city in Canada to own and operate a stroke ambulance, and the only city in the world with a stroke ambulance that travels to assist patients in rural areas.

Currently, there are only four other stroke ambulances in the world, two in the U.S. and two in Germany. The University of Alberta Hospital Foundation purchased the Edmonton stroke ambulance for $3.3-million and will be the first hospital in Canada to own the new concept unit.

For Edmontonians, the stroke ambulance is the difference between a quick recovery and the potential for permanent lifelong brain injury. The ambulance allows medics to begin stroke treatment for patients before arriving at the University of Alberta Hospital.

Brain Neurologist from the UofA hospital describes the new ambulance to the press as sending the stroke centre out to the patient rather than the other way around.

The Edmonton stroke ambulance features a CT scanner, clot busting drugs and has a radio technologist on board to assist paramedics. Mobile audio and video equipment are also built within the ambulance to allow the hospital’s attending stroke neurologist to see and speak to the patient.

It’s amazing to be a part of a city that strives to be better and one that is an innovative leader in the reduction of brain injury.