September 14 2015

Supreme Court of Canada Trilogy Cases set precedent for Damages in Personal Injury Cases

Why should you hire CAM LLP as your personal injury lawyers?  Because we have been helping injured clients get fair compensation for their injuries since 1962.  In addition to over 150 years of combined experience helping accident victims, our firm of Edmonton injury lawyers set the Canadian precedent for injury damages in two of the trilogy of cases decided in 1978 by the Supreme Court of Canada.  In other words, we literally helped set the standard that all injury lawyers follow when assessing damages.

You can hire any lawyer you like, but if you have been seriously injured, it makes sense to hire lawyers who understand the principles that will be applied to your case, and the strategy that should be applied to the facts of your case to negotiate a fair settlement of your claim.  For our firm Injury Handbook, with details of our history and much more, click here!