May 4 2016

Fort McMurray Information

Try to Stay calm

The roads are busy and smoky, but panic will make things worse. Be sure to make way for emergency crews working to battle the blaze. Police are patrolling the highway, so stay put if you’re stuck in traffic and not in imminent danger. Gas will be provided when available.

Stay Updated

If you need up to date information on what’s happening and where to access services here are some options:


For information and updates, residents are advised to follow the Municipality of Wood Buffalo on Twitter (@RMWoodBuffalo).

Follow the hashtag #ymmfire to stay on top of what’s happening. Or #ymmhelps for services and aid.


The Municipality of Wood Buffalo has been posting updates.
If you’re looking for help, the Fort McMurray Evacuee Open Source Help Page on Facebook provides lists of people offering shelter and aid.

You can let your loved ones know you are safe by using the Disaster Response feature on Facebook. It has been activated for Fort McMurray.

App alerts

The government of Alberta also has an app that can be downloaded to receive emergency alerts

Phone calls

If you’re not in immediate danger, but require help, call 780-788-4000. If you are in immediate danger call 911.

Report if you are safe

Once you’re out of danger, the government has asked evacuated residents to email [email protected] with your name, location and confirmation of safety.

For People who want to help

The Red Cross has set up an Albera Fire Appeal.

This Globe and Mail articles reviews what you can do and how you can get help: Click Here

Our thoughts are with the people of Fort McMurray and the responders who are working to get the fires under control. Stay safe.