July 6 2016

Youth And Sports Concussions

CAM LLP Youth Sports Concussion InfographicAccording to the Alberta Centre for Injury Control and Research concussions more commonly affect kids and young male adults between the ages of 15 and 29. Until fairly recently, concussions went widely under-reported due to a lack of understanding of concussion risks and acceptance of impacts. The recognition of risks has prompted the development of new comprehensive concussion prevention, diagnostic and management information tailored for youth and young adults to build awareness of the risks associated with this injury. Parents should seek swift medical attention for children with visible signs of concussion as the likelihood to sustain a repeat concussion in recovery is heightened. It can alter a child’s speech, ability to walk and learning as well as social interaction.

Sports-related concussions have also been in the spotlight of late. From 2013-2014 alone, the Alberta Injury Prevention Centre highlighted 1 out of 10 rink-related injuries were head injuries resulting in a concussion. Around 86% of these were linked to hockey. However, there is a growing body of evidence that equal caution should be exercised with any contact sport including soccer, rugby, and basketball.

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