"I appreciate all the hard work you put in to make it all happen. You really made the entire process easy to deal with and with the least amount of stress as possible. I can't thank you enough for that."
– David Durocher
"You took our whole family situation into consideration which meant sometimes working around our schedule. You were caring and compassionate, pleasant to deal with, and always quick to answer any questions we had even after the conclusion of the settlement."
– Jessica Stewart
"The gratitude is all ours - my children asked me to thank you on their behalf as well for your kindness, consideration and generosity and for making the whole experience pain and worry free by your professionalism in handling the matter...the reputation lawyers have is anything but favourable, and I can't say it enough that in the 3 years I've dealt with you, I have not had a single doubtful or distrustful thought nor an unpleasant moment. I wish all lawyers were as honest, compassionate and professional as you are."
– Jane Lokshin
"We have never had to deal with our judicial system in this manner and did not have any idea of the complexities involved. You took the time to make sure we were well informed (and with my head injury, had to be very patient in this)... You took us through the process in an honest and forthright way, while seeing to every detail."
– Paul Battle
"Thanks to your diligence, hard work and perseverance, our family now has peace of mind knowing that our boy is protected financially for his lifetime. This is only because of you and your belief in our case, plus your hard work and credibility in your field of personal injury."
– Wendy Whyte
"We were amazed at the tremendous amount of extras which your firm seems to provide rather routinely in an effort to maintain an edge over many defence counsels...For example, you purchased an identical vehicle to that involved in the accident and had your bio-mechanical experts perform several tests...That approach alone certainly impressed us and our clients."
– Bruce & Ron Hill, Hill & Hill Barristers & Solicitors
"You claim that your firm listens to their clients, cares about those clients and gets results for them. You certainly lived up to my expectations in each of those regards."
– Lillian Armstrong
"One eventually realizes these proceedings have a life of their own and you have to trust and follow the advice of your counsel, for there is no way an ordinary layperson can understand the complexity of head injury litigation. The settlement obtained was more than we had ever hoped to receive."
– Edan & Mike Smith
"It is your profound ability to see past greed, to correct the wrong, to provide comfort and clear paths, set precedents, that I quite often find myself in awe of your talent and abilities."
– Lee McIntosh & Patrick McLaughlin, Medical Scope Monthly
"Hello Mr. Jewitt. A quick note to thank you for taking the time to talk with me awhile back over the possibility of representing me in a slip and fall. I am happy to report that the matter has been resolved and I won’t be requiring your legal expertise…..  I thought you might enjoy an op-ed piece I wrote about the circumstances of the slip and fall that occurred.  Link to article Again, thank you for talking with me and providing me with some useful information."
– Don Retson
"Your hard work and knowledge and expertise of value of loss of earnings really made a difference. Thank you so much Jean. What a ride."
– Lucinda Stevenson
"Jean, thank you for always going beyond your role."
– Donna Daniel
"Our son suffered a traumatic brain injury as the result of a motorcycle accident. We were overwhelmed, confused and had no idea how to proceed and where to get help. We were referred to your company by the Alberta Brain Injury Society, and George Somkuti took our case. From the first meeting, we knew we were in the best hands possible.   We have nothing but gratitude and appreciation for the care and compassion you showed us. Every phone call and e-mail from our son or us was responded to promptly and professionally. You went above and beyond even after the conclusion of the settlement. You always made sure we were well informed and took whatever time needed to ensure we understood every detail. You showed extreme patience when dealing with our son and the effects of his brain injury.   You helped us through this difficult process in the kindest, caring and professional way. At no time during the long 5-year process did we ever feel anything but trust, security, and confidence in your hands. We can’t thank you enough."
– The Kirkman Family
"George Somkuti and his team were amazing when it came to dealing with my case. I was told to work on myself and recover; they took care of the rest. I was at ease knowing that I was in capable legal hands with a team who understood not only the legal issues but the emotional ones as well. I cannot say thank you enough to this wonderful team from Cummings Andrews Mackay LLP.  "
– S. Mondor
"We feel privileged to have the opportunity to forward our comments regarding the legal services Mr. Somkuti provided for us. Despite the unfortunate need of legal assistance, we, throughout the entire process, remained confident that our best interests were diligently being looked after. We especially appreciated his willingness to keep us informed of all developments and he did so in such a way that was thorough yet easy for a layman to understand. In our opinion, his contractual obligations were more than met and his efforts and results surpassed our expectations. We extend heartfelt thanks for his invaluable help in successfully concluding a process that we, on our own, would never have been able to do."
– Judy (& Ray) Rebman
"Dear Ron and Tammy, Thank you for handling my claim in a way that made it easy to deal with. The future is always uncertain but now I have a bit of a cushion if my ankle continues to deteriorate. I appreciated being able to meet in the Sherwood Park area initially and deal primarily by email or phone. Anyway, I appreciate your help in this matter!"
– Ursula B.
"I was very satisfied with my son's choice. You represented us really well. You always made me feel comfortable because you are very down to earth. Thank you for your compassion. Take care"
– Danielle G.
"Bill Hendsbee, Partner from CAM LLP, helped us with our personal injury case. He is very knowledgeable, professional and results oriented. Being new to the process, he took the time to walk us through the details and was always available to discuss our case with us. His empathy and personable nature makes him very trust worthy, sincere and genuine. I would definitely recommend him to any one."
– Pooja Raman Paigwar
"Bill Hendsbee handled my claim for damages arising from a recent slip and fall accident. Bill was thorough in his explanation of the legal process and the issues that had to be addressed and resolved. His advice and recommendations were logical and reasonable. He handled all matters with dispatch and with attention to my instructions. Everything worked out perfectly. I happily recommend Bill's services for anyone seeking damages for personal injuries."
– Lynn Malin
"I appreciated the tenacity and tact with which my case was handled. Over the course of time it took to move the opponent into action, Bill H kept me from giving up, and handled my frustration and occasional outbursts with empathy and calm encouragement. He didn't quit until the job was done."
– Sandra Dick
"Ron is a great guy and Tammy is there whenever I need her. I couldn't be more happy with my experiences thus far with this agency. I've dealt with lawyers multiple times over the years, and this is the first time I am not feeling like I'm being shafted the whole way through the process. They take time to return my emails and answer the phone and help me when I need it. They treat me exactly how I would like to be and expect to be treated. Highly recommended :) Edit! : My case is all wrapped up and I honestly could not be happier with how things worked out. Ron did a great job and treated me with respect the whole way through and continues to go above and beyond considering I call often. I can be a difficult person to deal with especially if I feel mistreated in any way and they took care of me from day one and alleviated a lot of my concerns which was helpful for me mentally. I have referred family and friends and even a neighbor to them and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. If you are in an accident of any kind do not hesitate to call them immediately before you talk to anybody else. Off to buy a new car now lol."
– Harley L.
"I would highly recommend CAM LLP, specifically Ron Jewitt to anyone I know. Ron and his legal assistant, Tammy, were always professional and quick to respond to any questions I had. They were very accommodating of my schedule and situation. Ron is very approachable and reasonable, I felt comfortable leaving my case in his hands. He made a stressful situation, a car accident, as simple to deal with as possible. He alleviated lots of stress and anxiety I had by dealing with all the paperwork and forms, allowing me to properly recover from my accident and return to work in a timely matter. My car accident is now settled and I am very happy I chose Ron and his team to handle my case. Thank you for your hard and efficient work, Ron!"
– Kelsey Budynski
"Warren S. was absolutely amazing! I really walked into the CAM LLP office with no idea about the process, but Warren actually seemed to anticipate my questions and provided answers before I was even able to ask him anything! The entire process was absolutely painless; as I mentioned, I really didn't know what to expect. Warren was sure to let me know all of the "next steps", and all of my options. He and his Assistant Denise kept in touch with me when they said they would, and answered any questions I had (very, very few because everything was explained so well to me!) very quickly. I can't recommend this firm enough if you're looking for representation."
– Janine Zilinski
"Thank you very much for your great job. You are 100% professional, I am very happy. Thank you, Best regards"
– Barbara Stawski